Just like anything new, change can be hard for you and your clients. Here are some helpful suggestions, that are super easy to implement and will get you started in the right direction.

Do your clients know that you offer painting? Besides, just telling them you should:

1. Add it to your service menu.
2. Add it to your online booking.
3. When clients call the salon and ask for a highlight, train your receptionist to ask if they’d like a foiled highlight or a painted one.

These things are so simple and can really get the conversation started with your clients. It’s also great to show them visual examples of painting either by showing them your colleagues that you painted or pictures of your work. Make sure to let them know when booking to ask for this service because it will require more time.

A few more things that I did when I started painting, was just painting a few pieces over a base, or painting between foils. I would either do this at no cost or at a discount, just so they can sample the technique a little. Clients were so intrigued by it, that they couldn’t wait till there next appointment. Baby steps, start here and see where it can take you. Commit to doing this to 5 clients this week! I would love to hear your progress and any questions you may have.