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I posted yesterday about what
questions you had about placement.
So let's get right down to it!


  •  Glynnis Garcia asked: "What is the one you use the most?"
    My placement changes for every client but I section diagonally the most and place the highlight where I want to see it. Don't overthink it. You choose where it goes.
  •  Andrea Goldklang asked: "How long does it take you to apply?"
    My average for a partial painting is around 40 minutes and my average for a full is one hour. This is without an assistant. Of course, this is just an average, sometimes depending on the hair a partial could take just as long as a full.
  • Dawn Bowen asked: "What product?"
    I use Whittemore House Hair Paint. You can read more about it here.
  • Brittany Williams asked: " Do you color according to their part and if they mix it up which placement is best?"
    Yes, I do paint their hair according to where they wear it. I also, look at growth patterns and their hair cut. If they change their part often, I ask them to show me exactly how they wear it. You'll be surprised most of the time, it's literally just a few millimeters off of the main part, which is fine as long as you're painting within that vicinity. BUT if they are a major hair flipper and are extreme from side to side then I would make sure to hit all those sections. I keep a mental note of it or you can use small pin curl clips just to remind you to focus on those areas.
  • Candy Gunn Shaw said: "I still struggle with the part line and around the face. I get in my head too much."
    That's totally normal! The part line and around the face is the hardest because you know it's right there front and center and they can see everything. Break it down super simple, go section by section and think about what you want to see in that section. If the look as a whole is too overwhelming or you're not sure how you're going to achieve it, then focus on the section you're painting. Does the client want/need highlights all around her hairline or does she need some of her natural peaking through? Then you could leave some hair out or paint v's and/or w's instead of going right up to the root.
  •  Kookie Morgan asked: "I have a question about when you want to balayage & use foils to get extra lift do you use a clay lightener or regular lightener? I still struggle with placement as well. I am still learning but I will get it!" 
    I personally only paint and don't use foils at all. I only use clay lightener to paint because clay lightener doesn't move on you or swell like regular lightener would. The clay hardens and creates a shell so you are able to freehand open-aired so you don't have to worry about transfer. I've seen plenty of stylists paint hair with regular lightener and use foils or even use clay lightener with foil, I personally just don't paint that way, but whatever works for you. When I first started painting I used regular lightener and I've also tried creating the effect with foils but it doesn't compare to hair painting, you can't achieve that same result that painting gives you with either. I'm talking comparing one section done one way and the other another way and comparing them side by side. Can it help you achieve a similar look, yeah kinda/maybe/not really lol... but it's still 2 different techniques giving you 2 different results.
  •  Amber Richeson asked: "Did you do this at the bowl, or in the chair?"
    I did this in the chair. 99.9% of the time it's always done in my chair.

I hope this helped guys! Let me know if you have any questions or topics you'd like me to write about in the comments below. Don't forget to follow me on Instagram and Facebook, will be going live there soon with some cool stuff I've been working on.
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