Being behind the chair, we all not only want to use what's best for our clients but what's best for us too, the USER. There are tools that make our lives easier behind the chair and as a result our work improves as well.

Last fall, I started using Whittemore House Hair Paint and after I nailed the consistency I liked working with, I was hooked. What I love about it is that it's creamy and less messy for a clay based lightener but at the same time stays put. My applications are faster and neater. The paint uses intelligent crystals that protect the hair while it's lifting, the lift is amazing and I don't use any heat.

I love when you can use a product stress free. What do I mean by that? When working with lighteners you always have to worry about how much damage they will cause, especially if you are overlapping. Before I ever use a new product on a client, I try it on myself first. My sister, Dena painted me with WHP and 40 vol, she painted heavily with a lot of pressure and saturation, she wrapped it and I processed at room temperature for 30 minutes. My hair has already been lightened many times previously and I made her overlap so I can see what it will do to the integrity of my hair. We watched it closely the whole time, because if it looked like it would cause any damage, we would rinse immediately. My hair felt amazing! That gave me the confidence to use it on my clients since I was using another clay lightener for many years. Of course, use your own judgement and caution, everyone's hair is different.

My favorite ratio is 1 oz. of powder to 1.25 oz. of any cream developer. Since, I travel all over the U.S. teaching, depending on the climate and the salon's temperature, I will increase my developer to 1.4 oz. Of course, you can mix it to your desired consistency and what you are comfortable with. I would just recommend measuring your favorite consistency so your results are consistent. I always use a scale to measure.

What I love about it the most is that your developer strength goes up in 10, for example if using 20 volume it acts as a 30 volume and so on. This especially for a clay lightener is rare and so amazing to get that extra boost!

I am so so happy that this product exists that I even use it in my classes now. I don't want to paint with anything else.  You can buy it online at

Please, let me know if you've used it or what your favorite paint product is. I would love to hear what you guys are using that makes your life easier behind the chair. Thank you for reading and don't hesitate to connect.

This is not a paid post and these are all my opinions about this product.